EFI Tow Suite,
the Roadside Assistance

Developed exclusively for the management of Roadside Assistance services, the EFI Tow Suite is made up of our web platform, mobile application, API and our billing software.

Receive information on services, guide users to assistance and destinations, and manage information (delays, photographs, assistance reports …) during its operational phase until it is transferred after completion.

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What can you do with EFI Tow?

  • Digitized reception of services with integrated clients.
  • Deferred services and alert scheduling.
  • Geolocation of the service (accident and destination), as well as the fleet and / or users.
  • Automatic calculation of km for subsequent billing.
  • Fleet document management (transport cards, …).
  • Generation and management of assistance reports and photographs.
  • Multi-company management.
  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Guard mode and user roles.

EFI Tow · web

Manage all services from our web platform to assign them to registered users in our EFI Tow app.

Access to accredited users EFI Tow Suite


EFI Tow · app

From the app you can manage the services assigned to a user and maintain direct contact with EFI Web at all times.


EFI GA -billing software-

Our EFI GA -invoicing software- allows you to manage your company and fleet, as well as value and invoice all services. Choose between our Lite or Full versions.


  • Self-billing and import / export rates.
  • Registration of personalized rates per client.
  • Vehicle fleet management (reviews, maintenance, insurance policies …).
  • Document management (toll tickets, worksheets …).