Efiasistencia for SMARTPHONE

What is it and what does it do?

Efiasistencia Smartphone is a mobile application, compatible with almost all Smartphones in the market, which provides to your tow drivers a powerful tool for managing services and communication with your office.

It allows you to receive service information on your tow trucks, guide your drivers to their destinations, and manage the service information during its operational phase and transfer all the service information and data registered during the process (pictures, assistance reports, etc.).





What are its main features?

  • It receives all the information about the service, it guides to the tow truck driver to the accident or breakout, it transmits the tow truck location and it transfers all the service documentation to the central office once the service has finished.
  • Messages sending and reception.
  • Integrated with navigation software.
  • Generation and management of digital assistance report. Possibility of printing it via Bluetooth printer (Optional) or sending by email to the customer.
  • Photo-Assistance function. You can attach photos to all your services and send them in real time.
  • Multiple Services Management.
  • Tow truck On duty mode. The device receives directly the services from the assistance company. Is not necessary to be at the office. The on duty device or “master” device can see all the states of services in process.
  • Voice control (only available for Android O.S.). The device allows to manage the services using voice commands. It also permits to send voice messages.
  • Delayed services management.
  • Integrated Diagnostic Function (only available for Android O.S.). Using the EfiDiag EOBD diagnostic interface is possible to do electronic diagnostic for the engine of the vehicle (Read / Erase DTCs and read engine parameters).