What is it and what is it for?

Efiweb is the newest application of Efiasistencia, completely based on web technologies (html5, javascript, css3, etc). This powerful software application allows you to optimally manage all your services in the operational phase, their information (photographs, assistance parts, documentation of the fleet, etc.) and your fleet of vehicles.

Efiweb is a responsive application, so it adapts to the resolution of any computer, smartphone or tablet. Thanks to its web technology, you can use it from any terminal with internet access.

Thanks to Efiweb you will have a better control of your business, you will know in real time the status of your services and fleet of vehicles and all this with an important saving in management expenses.

efiweb efi2


What are its main functionalities?

  • Views and panels configurable in terms of information fields.
  • Possibility of hiding elements of less relevance.
  • Geoposition of the service addresses (mishap and destination), as well as all the cranes in your fleet.
  • Automatic calculation of kilometers for later billing.
  • It allows to know in real time the status of the service and the crane.
  • Direct communication with the crane fleet through chat type messaging system with reading confirmation (WhatsApp style).
  • Management of photographs.
  • Advanced guard crane.
  • Tracking: Tracking routes of the vehicle fleet.
  • Document management of the vehicle fleet (Insurance, transport cards, ITV, etc).
  • Management and visualization of Diagnosis and Assistance Reports.
  • Automatic selection of Charge Base.
  • Multi-company management.
  • Control of delays.
  • Database of vehicles and models.