Efiasistencia GA

What is it and what does it do

Efiasistencia GA (Administrative Management) is a powerful software application that allows you administrative management of your company and vehicle fleet, as well as perform the valuation and invoicing of all your services.


What are its main features?

  • Auto-invoicing.
  • Valuations, liquidations and invoices management.
  • Customized reports creation.
  • Customized price list activation.
  • Holidays Calendar.
  • Fleet administrative management: Maintenance and revision control, renewing alerts (insurance, transport card).
  • Document management: Documents attachment for every record (highway tickets, working hours, etc.).

Service Management

It allows you to manage your services in an orderly and simple way, showing the report of the selected service on the screen.


Powerful tool that allows obtaining different statistics: services by companies, by months, by cranes, by cranes and months, by bases, by type of vehicle and much more.


Filter your information in the way that interests you the most to obtain lists with accurate information.


Generate different reports from your listings and statistics.