analizador de baterias y sistema electrico labse

Labse battery analyzer

This analyzer of batteries and electrical systems uses cutting-edge technology in battery tests, allowing to check all batteries at 12V: electrolytic, without maintenance, without sealed maintenance, VRLA, AGM, GEL, in less than 7 seconds.


Technical features:

  • Multi-language.
  • 12V power.
  • Battery analysis time <7s
  • Mini thermal printer
  • Print speed 55mm/s


See file

LABSE, analyzer of batteries and electrical systems

maleta analizar labse

Analyzer functionalities

  • Designed to check all 12V batteries:
    • Wet type: SLI (Starting, Lighting & Ignition)
    • VRLA: AGM (Flat / Spiral) and gel and EFB batteries
  • Mass / starter / alternator test and diode ripple test.
  • Printing of customized reports.
  • Connectable to PC for printing reports.
  • Information remaining battery (CCA, DIN, IEC, JIS).
  • Information charge status in volts.
  • Internal resistance information (mω).
  • Information life in %
  • Polarity inversion protection.
  • Notice of surface loading.

The suitcase contains:

  • Labse analyzer with printer.
  • Printing paper.
  • Transportation suitcase.
  • User’s manual.
  • USB cable