modulo efidiag

Efidiag module

Thanks to the Efidiag module, it will equip its cranes with a simple diagnostic tool that allows it to increase the number of on-site repairs, a more professional image and offer its customers a higher quality of service by sending the diagnosis report by email .


How to use Efidiag:

  • Through the automatic diagnosis function integrated with the Efiasistencia Smartphone application, which allows associating the diagnosis with a service and adding the diagnosis report to the rest of the service data.
  • Through the EfiDiag app, which is exclusive for Android, and allows free diagnosis with the following functions:
    • Reading and deletion of faults registered in the control unit.
    • Explanation of the fault code.
    • Reading of parameters in real time as RPM’s, Temperatures, pressures …


EfiDiag, professional interface for EOBD / OBDII diagnosis

Efidiag module is a professional interface for EOBD / OBDII diagnosis, compatible with Android Smartphone and connectivity via Bluetooth, with support for 9 protocols (J1850PWM, J1850VPW, ISO9141-2, KWP2000-ISO14230 5 baudinit, KWP2000-ISO14230 fastinit, CAN bus 11bit 500k, CAN bus 29 bit 500k, CAN bus 11bit 250k, CAN bus 29 bit 250k). Compatible with ALL types of vehicles, European, Asian or American, with support of the OBDII – EOBD protocol.
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